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July 18, 2012

Finger in the Ass Guy likes to send me pictures of his dick.

It’s endearing in that twisted perverted way that makes me question my sanity because I have found myself sighing “AWWW, look at that!” the way one would admire a kitten.

The first time he sent me a picture of the little big guy (because it isn’t exactly little) I was shocked. Mortified. I turned my phone sideways. Then upside down. I held it close to my face, then far away…because WOW.



A man just sent me a picture of his penis. ON PURPOSE.

After a few shots of tequila, I summoned up enough courage to call him. What followed was the most erotic phone conversation of my life. Until then, I had never had phone sex before, and whilst I was pretty much the silent partner, I was hooked.

Hours of endless “Truth or Dare” questions via text filled my days between mundane work projects. In this, we both got to know the other in more ways than sexual. However, even with all I was beginning to know of him, I wasn’t sure I even liked him.

What I did like…craved, actually, was the sex. The sexting was an extra bonus, a teasing to what was to come. (Pun totally intended.)

Despite the allure of this frisky flirtation, there is an underlying risk regarding sexting. Even between two consenting adults, one can’t deny the danger whenever one presses the “send” button. Pictures and erotic texts meant solely for one person could very easily fall into the wrong hands.

“I worry about that all the time,” says my friend Anne*. “My ex boyfriend swears he deleted dirty pictures of me, but I’m not 100% sure. It is something I think about, definitely.”

I ask Finger in the Ass Guy a million and two times if everything I send is deleted. “Yes,” he sighs in exasperation. “I’m not stupid.”

“Well, you do type ‘your’ when you mean ‘you’re,'” I point out. “And your spelling sucks.” (This is our foreplay. It works for us.)

The best quote about sexting came from none other than my Angry Birds Friend. When asked what he thought about sexting, he (in a text, of course) wrote: “Sexting is fun, but it can get you in trouble.

Despite the risks and knowing what COULD happen, why would anyone choose to partake in something so fucking hot juvenile which could very well be humiliating if made public?

The answer is simple: Sexting is quick. It is exciting with building energy between two people. It’s impulsive. It’s erotic. Conducted over the phone or internet, one’s inhibitions are lowered.

When done responsibly, it is simply fun.





A Pew Research Center poll found that 6 percent of Americans over 18 reported having sent a nude or near-nude image of themselves to someone else and 15 percent said they had received one. In the 30- to 49-year-old demographic, 17 percent reported receiving such a message.

7 Tips for Sexting Someone You Barely Know (Hilarious)

The Do’s and Don’ts of Sexting

Sexting Etiquette

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